Sanders Property Agents

Sanders is a leading real estate company located within the Sutherland Shire. Established in 1957 the company has experienced growth, challenges and many changes along the way.

The Challenge

As with many business’s growth can bring about its own set of challenges. As a company there came a point where it became clear that small ‘fix it’ solutions weren’t going to cut it anymore and the right advice and technologies needed to be strategically thought out and implemented.

  • Learn

    Working alongside Sanders through varying challenges we had a clear and well-rounded understanding of the needs of the business, where there were gaps, what was working and what wasn’t.

  • Plan

    Through our ongoing relationship with Sanders we had witnessed the implementation of band aid solutions and could see the integral need for a well thought out plan that started from the beginning and would support the business not only where it was at in the present, but that was adaptable to allow for expansion and growth.

  • Build

    Our team strategized and built an in-depth plan covering everything from IT infrastructure and management to communication networks, security, functionality and adaptability. As a thriving business that encompasses many different aspects there was a large number of variables and requirements that needed to be taken into account.

  • Execute

    At iServe, we don’t just strategise and build a framework, but we particularly focus on optimal execution and management. Planning is one thing, but successful implementation is extremely important. Working with all of the staff members to ensure an end to end detail and solutions that not only work but allow for adaptability.

Solution & Results

Once we had established the challenges that presented themselves, we could set about creating successful solutions.

  1. Secured email communications was achieved by stabilising the network and creating reliable foundations.
  2. Implementation of quality back-up systems to ensure data integrity and security practices office wide to ensure data protection.
  3. Managed IT service and consulting to ensure ongoing support and adaptability as the business continues to thrive and expand.
  4. Faster network performance and capabilities through a dedicated business grade internet solution and managed network.
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