The process

At iServe achieving success for our clients and meeting their needs is an adaptable framework that is built around looking beyond just the simple need for technology.

managed it support & services


We ask the right questions and collaborate with you to develop a strategy that goes beyond the simple need for technology to create an adaptable IT framework that is unique to your business needs.



We manage all details of the implementation process, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. We believe in educating and working with your team to ensure understanding and optimal usage and function of all systems and solutions.



We don’t just strategise and implement we also offer ongoing management. Focusing on constantly improving technologies and adapting processes and systems to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Meeting your needs

We believe in relationships that are based on open, honest communication that allows us to modify, expand and adapt as your needs evolve and change.
  • Simplification

    We understand that technology can be overwhelming and complex. We believe in building a strategy that reduces complexity and allows a clear documented and attainable approach to systems and process. We want your business and staff to feel at ease with your IT solutions and management.

  • Cost Savings

    Reducing costs and consolidating systems and service is a vital component in our process. We believe in less is more, reducing the need for hefty maintenance, streamlining systems and services so that you reduce your overheads and overall costs across your IT management.

  • Improved Workflow

    We work with our clients to understand their operations. Allowing us to create systems and new models of operation to increase productivity and flexibility within your business. From new technologies to creative ways to reduce workflow time, we think outside the box to streamline all aspects of your technology.

  • Confidence

    Our values lie in co creation, we want you to feel confident in working with an IT team that values your input and needs. With extensive knowledge and understanding you can be rest assured that our team will provide you with confident, smart, sound advice and suggestions that are tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

  • Transparency

    Transparency brings accountability. iServe believes in honesty and transparency ensuring all our clients have full visibility and understanding of our processes, performance and recommendations. Equally we understand that our strategies need to allow for transparency and accountability within your work environment.

  • Feedback & Collaboration

    Our process is built around an adaptable management system. We understand things evolve and change and the need to allow for constant review. We welcome feedback and open collaboration, allowing us to constantly meet and exceed your expectations, to look past just the present and to anticipate and plan for the future.


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