IT Communication / Collaboration

IT communications, dropbox for business, business grade internet, cloud voice & IP telephony

Communication and collaboration are key to any business success. When you combine expertise, technology, mobilisation and integrated communication magic happens! Productivity hits an all-time high, barriers collapse, and relationships strengthen. At Iserve we want our clients to gain freedom, free up resources and expand capabilities.

Range of expertise

We offer a unique approach and opportunity that focuses on effectively structuring and combining resources and all internet-based telephony into a single unified cloud solution that focuses on communication and collaboration at its core. Our tailored solution will transform the way you do business.
  • Cloud voice & IP Telephony

    A hosted telephony framework allows you to reap the savings of cloud computing while maximising communication. Our team makes the transition seamless and don’t worry you can even bring your current phone numbers along for the ride.

  • Business Grade Internet

    Let’s face it in today’s technological world speed matters. We can get your business into the fast lane with fibre for fast business internet. The new kid on the block when ADSL or NBN just aren’t making the cut, internet run over fibre wires is reliable, secure and downright fast. Even better it is perfect for all your data-intensive needs.

  • Dropbox for business

    We have partnered with dropbox to ensure we can offer our clients the best in file management. A powerful, multi accessible, shared platform solution that will ensure ease and flexibility to your data management. Don’t worry we will not only install and setup your system, we will also be on hand to get your staff up to date on the ins and outs of this amazing data system.

  • Unified communications & Enterprise Messaging

    Creating a unified communications and messaging solution is a game changer. A streamlined, interactive tool that will revolutionise how your employees work together. Message threads and call history can be viewed with ease through an online dashboard accessible from anywhere in the world, with only an internet connection.

  • Mobile Device Management

    Create multi-dimensional communication streams and let us manage the remote connections within your business. Whether your employees ‘bring their own’ device to the business or you supply company issued mobile phones, the principles are still the same. Data protection and seamless productivity is key. We help to integrate remote access while ensuring your business data is protected against loss, corruption and hackers. We can control usage and restrict access to unwanted content if needed.

  • Video Conferencing Solutions

    Did you know we can also set up video conferencing? With the options of cloud-based VC solutions you can reap the benefits of video conferencing without the upfront investment in hardware and network infrastructure that is often required. We can also procure hardware if needed. Including network management and user training to ensure your team is in constant communication with ease.

Curious about how we might be able to help your business?
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