Strategic IT Consultancy, Migration Services

IT consultancy, migration services

We understand that a one size all fits approach doesn’t work, which is why we have created a team and business that doesn’t just advise and consult, but can implement, monitor and manage all your IT needs and services in whatever capacity you desire.

Range of expertise

From independent, tailored consultancy and advice to scaling business growth and creating systemised and adaptable frameworks and solutions, we will revolutionise the way your technological and communication systems operate. At Iserve we go beyond and think outside the box, providing a one stop shop to ensure all your needs are exceeded.
  • Advisory & Consultancy

    Our team are experts in providing independent, unbiased, tailored advice and solutions to assist you in making the right decisions for your business and technological needs. We work closely with our clients to formulate the right business strategy that will meet your needs, focusing on business processes, performance and information systems.

  • Grow & scale teams

    We believe in adaptability and growth projective. Through properly harnessed technologies, seamless integration and optimised solutions that leverage the power of the cloud, we can transform your business and ensure your growth and scale protectives are effective and on point.

  • Systemisation

    Go from reactionary to systemised and create a foundation that will maximise business systems, workflows and efficiency. Work faster and smarter and save costs in the long term. We specialise in analysing business processes and then formulating a plan in line with your needs and budget that will ensure consistent and accountable outcomes.

  • Work from anywhere

    With the rise of the moveable desk it is more important than ever to create a system that enables a connected workforce non location dependant. Our solutions and systems are designed to travel, ensuring consistent, reliable, secure performance and access no matter the time or location.

  • Migration & integration support

    When migrating to a hosted cloud or other platform planning, preparation, technical expertise and training are extremely important. Our team will project manage and implement the entire operation. We don’t just come up with a plan, we are also on deck to seamlessly implement and integrate all new systems and operations, ensuring all your staff are well trained as well.

  • Procurement

    We also offer fast and easy procurement with competitive pricing. We partner with leading IT vendors to provide our clients with an ever-expanding suite of services and products. Let us take care of the sourcing and ensure you get the best deals, prices, choice and assistance in finding the right solutions and services for your business.

Curious about how we might be able to help your business?
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